Sunday, 24 March 2013

Price Freeze and Free Shipping in 2013 Make Rapid Eyewear Great value for Money...

...despite rising shipping costs and a challenging weakening of the pound against the US dollar, C & M Rapid Ltd have announced a price freeze for Rapid Eyewear products in 2013. This is great news for consumers, as other companies hike their prices to cope with the challenges of a global economic crisis.

"The major shift in currency, forthcoming postal price hikes, poor weather and of course the economic crisis are all a bit of a nuisance but the business continues to thrive. I think customers really buy in to what we're trying to do for them with regard to producing sport-specific, versatile quality eyewear that offers outstanding value for money" says John Clark, Managing Director. "It helps that our eyewear is designed for use in all conditions, and not just sunshine. Dedicated sports enthusiasts will find ways to get on their bike, down to the river bank or out on the golf course even in spells of poor weather. Our eyewear can help even in poor light conditions and that is a fact that's not lost on our customers."

 The Rapid Eyewear sunglasses range continues to grow, with the new Altius sunglasses exploring new and exciting markets for the company. "Altius really excite me" says John. "The brief I gave the company was that I wanted them to produce the best quality lenses they could muster. They certainly didn't let me down." Perfect for sports and leisure, Altius are also highly fashionable, giving them a wide appeal. But the most appealing factor may well be the price. "The price point for this kind of quality in eyewear is almost unheard of. I really do believe Altius offer the best quality to price point ratio of any sunglasses of this type in the marketplace today."

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