Friday, 30 September 2011

Ortis Deley Wears Expert

Did anyone see it? The Gadget Show's RC boat challenge, that is. DJ, presenter and all-round cool dude Ortis Deley was handed a pair of Rapid Eyewear Expert to provide him with the maximum visuals as he raced on a rib between two of the Channel Islands, controlling an RC boat as he went.

Ortis was racing fellow presenter Jason Bradbury in the final part of their RC challenge. All good fun, and a great advert for RC boat racing.

Now, c'mon guys, does Ortis look cool or what?

To watch the challenge, visit the Gadget Show website here

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Loads of New Sunglasses in Our Range


We've introduced loads of lovely new styles in 2011, and so I thought it high time I blogged about them.

First of all, we released our amazing 'Float' floating sunglasses, which do exactly that - at £29.99, they offer superb value for money when you consider the fact you'll never wave goodbye to them as they sink to the river or sea bed! Polarised blue lenses make Float excellent for fishing, and al other water sports.

Two new pairs furnish the golf sunglasses range, these being Fairway and Fore. Both feature TR90 frames, plus the vented cut-outs that have proved so popular with the Ace model. As always, a green-mirror tint is provided as part of the comprehensive package that has all you could need - interchangeable lenses, carry case, strap and cleaning cloth.

Breeze and Expert are also both new for 2011. These styles are exciting additions to the range, bringing blue and red coloured lenses into the frame (if you'll pardon the pun), TR90 frames, vented lenses and adjustable nose pieces. Serious eyewear for serious sportsmen and women, with interchangeable lenses, case, strap and cloth included. With their blue lenses and white - red frames, Breeze are already proving a hit as cricket sunglasses

We have also started to cater for cyclists this year, with additional versions of Breeze and Expert (see above) that include an additional clear lens set, plus Ace Cycle (also including the clear lens) and Pro Performance Plus, which adds the clear option to our ever popular prescription frame.

So, there's plenty of new stuff available, and our range continues to grow as we aim to provide exactly what YOU need for sport, when you need it.