Monday, 21 November 2011


We're pleased to announce the release of a brand new 'hybrid' Nimbus package, called 'Nimbus FT'. The 'FT' bit stands for 'Frostech', which in essence means we've added our popular Revo-style blue mirror Frostech lens to the Nimbus. This has been done at the expense of the original Category 3 grey smoked mirror lens - however, you can choose to add the lens back in as an option on the main website.

In addition to the category 3 lens, the cat 4 lens also makes way to ensure Nimbus FT is a streamlined and cost-effective package that suits a variety of sports and leisure activities.

If you need sunglasses at altitude, then Frostech lenses are a must because they filter out 97% of infrared. If you didn't know, the infrared spectrum kicks in as an issue that can damage your eyesight at altitude and so, if you are a climber, skiier, RC model soarer pilot, snowboarder etc. it is essential you get yourself a pair of sunglasses that can filter out IR.

The IR is filtered by adding multiple layers of titanium onto the lenses. The blue mirror finish looks stunning, and being Category 3, will ensure you achieve good levels of light blockage in bright sunshine. The new lenses are also vented, which prevents fogging on the inside of the lens surfaces - vital if you are sweating, or using in cold conditions.

The FT packages include our standard Category 2 polarised and Category 0 light-enhancing lens options, plus a carry case and securing retainer. All in all, a comprehensive package for those who need skiing sunglasses, snowboarding sunglasses, climbing sunglasses (glacier glasses) and glasses for flying RC gliders at altitude (Modelglasses).

Yes - you can choose from black or silver frames.

Just follow these links - for Nimbus Frostech Silver Sunglasses for Sport, go here; for Nimbus Frostech Black Sunglasses for Sport, go here.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Frostech Lenses Take Nimbus to New Heights

Our latest release is a set of blue mirror Frostech lenses, which fit Nimbus, Catch Pro and Cruise sunglasses. These good-looking lenses use titanium layers to reduce harmful infrared by 97%, making them especially ideal for use at altitude. The lenses also benefit from vents, which provide an anti-fogging capability.

As with all Rapid Eyewear lenses, the Frostech's offer 100% UVA / UVB protection, are anti-scratch coated, and calibrated for optimal clarity through being decentred.

Frostech lenses, in conjunction with the Rapid Eyewear retainer strap (supplied with every pair) are ideal for skiing, climbing, snowboarding and general sports and leisure usage. To buy your pair today, go here.