Monday, 13 August 2012

What are the best Fishing Sunglasses?

When fishing on a sunny day the haze and glare of the sun’s rays bouncing off the water can seriously affect your clarity of vision and your ability to see what’s below the surface or aberrations on the surface that can lead to you making that big catch. Rapid Eyewear have designed and created a range of sunglasses specifically suited to the needs of anglers. As experts in their field, Rapid Eyewear know that fishermen require polarised sunglasses which through the filters attached to the lenses, remove horizontal light which causes glare as it bounces off surfaces. This will help an angler to see into the water more clearly. Most fishing sunglasses only come with one lens tint which means that the keen angler will have to buy two pairs to ensure that he can get rid of glare not only on sunny days but also when the light is hazy. Rapid Eyewear's ‘Catch’ fishing sunglasses are cleverly designed with three interchangeable lenses two of which are polarised which allows anglers to change their fishing eyewear to suit different light conditions - but only one pair of sunglasses is needed. Rapid Eyewear also supply light-enhancing lenses too specifically for use on dull days, early morning or night fishing, and all their sunglasses are supplied with a superb carry case and a very handy head securing strap. For those anglers who are spectacle wearers, Rapid Eyewear Catch Pro Prescription fishing sunglasses are perfect. They include all the features of the non-prescription version of these sunglasses with the added benefit of your personal prescription added to the lenses for a small charge. Rapid Eyewear sports sunglass for fishing anglers are the choice of many champion anglers and starting at a very affordable £29.99 they are the catch of the day!