Thursday, 1 August 2013

UK aerobatic ace Mike Williams is the latest high-profile RC modeller to start using Modelglasses to enhance his vision when flying. The Caterham Club member burst onto the UK aerobatics competition scene in 2000 and he hasn't looked back since, winning numerous aerobatic freestyle and F3A events. His most notable performances have come in the RCM&E British Freestyle Championships, where Mike has won both the Advanced and Unlimited Classes, and the BMFA Top Gun title at the Nationals. In 2011, Mike made his first foray into international competition and finished a highly commendable tenth in the F3A World Cup.
Recently, Mike has been causing quite a stir on the show circuit flying his impressive 41% Krill Extra 330Sc, which boasts a three-metre wingspan and a 175cc Flat Twin engine up front.

Mike is growing very attached to his Breeze Modelglasses, which give him as much versatility as he needs in different light conditions, thanks to their interchangeable lenses. As it happens, they look pretty stylish too!

Find out more about Mike by visiting his website here No Visible Horizon

To find out more about Mike's sunglasses, please go here Breeze RC Modelglasses