Thursday, 12 September 2013

Glasses That Fit Over Spectacles Are a Hit

Prescription sunglasses are an expensive investment, but if you wear glasses, at first sight it looks like a purchase you have to make. However, that isn't necessarily so.

UK based eyewear brand Rapid Eyewear have recently started to manufacture sunglasses that go over glasses - the company likes to call them overglasses. Rapid Eyewear's Managing Director John Clark explains why the company, who have been manufacturing their own brands since 2005, have chosen to make them:

"We were getting quite a lot of customers asking if we made overglasses, over a period of time" he says. "To be honest I wasn't keen at first because I thought making overglasses might simply discourage people from buying our Rx prescription eyewear, but now we've started making them I can see this isn't really the case. All we have actually done is to provide a service to a cash-strapped public who want a simple, highly cost-effective solution to their needs."

There are currently two pairs available, in matt black and tortoiseshell colours. "I have been gobsmacked by our sales of overglasses" says Clark. "On Amazon in particular they are going like hot cakes and we are having to order them in their thousands to make sure we don't run out of stock. The feedback for the products has been excellent, with customers praising the quality and look, which of course is highly satisfying because we always work hard on our designs."

The idea of making sunglasses that fit over spectacles isn't a new one of course, and quite a few other companies also make them. Despite the stiff competition, Rapid Eyewear's attractive-looking sunglasses have struck a chord with the public and their establishment in this highly competitive market has been swift. As a result, several new styles are already in manufacture, including a night-driving overglasses option, alternative colours, and slightly larger fitting frames for those with bigger glasses.

"We seem to have hit the ground running with this range of products, and so we will definitely be developing the range further to meet the large demand" says John. "It has been interesting to note that a lot of customers, mainly women, buy both styles we've produced so far because they want a fashion choice - we'll be looking to increase that choice very soon with more colours."

The new styles will become available in early October, in time for Christmas shopping. For sure, with prices set at under £15.00 per pair, Rapid Eyewear's Overglasses will make an ideal Christmas present. They are made from lightweight polycarbonate and offer 100% UVA / UVB protection, through impact-resistant lenses. Take a look at the Rapid Eyewear Overglasses range here.