Monday, 13 August 2012

What are the best Fishing Sunglasses?

When fishing on a sunny day the haze and glare of the sun’s rays bouncing off the water can seriously affect your clarity of vision and your ability to see what’s below the surface or aberrations on the surface that can lead to you making that big catch. Rapid Eyewear have designed and created a range of sunglasses specifically suited to the needs of anglers. As experts in their field, Rapid Eyewear know that fishermen require polarised sunglasses which through the filters attached to the lenses, remove horizontal light which causes glare as it bounces off surfaces. This will help an angler to see into the water more clearly. Most fishing sunglasses only come with one lens tint which means that the keen angler will have to buy two pairs to ensure that he can get rid of glare not only on sunny days but also when the light is hazy. Rapid Eyewear's ‘Catch’ fishing sunglasses are cleverly designed with three interchangeable lenses two of which are polarised which allows anglers to change their fishing eyewear to suit different light conditions - but only one pair of sunglasses is needed. Rapid Eyewear also supply light-enhancing lenses too specifically for use on dull days, early morning or night fishing, and all their sunglasses are supplied with a superb carry case and a very handy head securing strap. For those anglers who are spectacle wearers, Rapid Eyewear Catch Pro Prescription fishing sunglasses are perfect. They include all the features of the non-prescription version of these sunglasses with the added benefit of your personal prescription added to the lenses for a small charge. Rapid Eyewear sports sunglass for fishing anglers are the choice of many champion anglers and starting at a very affordable £29.99 they are the catch of the day!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Cycling Sunglasses

Road cycling, BMX and mountain biking are demanding sports which require professional sports sunglasses to protect the riders eyes from the glare of bright sunlight and to stop eyes stinging in windy conditions. Rapid Eyewear is one of the UK's leading sports eyewear companies. They offer a great range of sunglasses designed and tested specifically for the rigours of cycling sports which are far superior to many other similar product on the market. Not only do Rapid Eyewear’s cycling sunglasses include standard interchangeable tints but most models also cleverly include a clear lens for wind resistance when a tint is not required and vented lenses to prevent fogging. Rapid Eyewear cycling sunglasses not only look stylish but are perfect for all cycling sports including as standard four sets of interchangeable lenses to suit all weather conditions - clear, light-enhancing, beige polarised and grey mirror polarised. If you require prescription sunglasses then Rapid Eyewear have his covered with the Pro Performance Plus package which includes the four standard sets of lens sets plus an Rx insert for your prescription lenses. Rapid can even add your prescription to your sunglasses for a small extra cost. If you are an extreme cycling sportsperson and enjoy mountain biking or BMX then you will require added eye protection. The Rapid Eyewear Moritz affords the ideal solution – not only a great looking pair of sunglasses, but the Moritz can be easily turned into goggles by removing the side arms and replacing them with a strap, before adding the foam insert to keep wind, dirt, debris and light from entering the sides of your vision. Rapid Eyewear sports sunglass for cyclists start at a very affordable £32.99 so if you are looking sports cyclist looking for high quality protective sunglasses, then look no further than Rapid Eyewear.

Sports Sunglasses

If you are a keen sports person you will appreciate how important it is to wear the right gear for your sport. Not only in terms of clothing and accessories but also in terms of sunglasses for eye protection in bright conditions. Sunglasses that you would normally wear for sunbathing on a beach just won’t cut it where they are required for eye protection during sporting activities. Whether you are into golf, skiing, shooting, tennis, motor biking or just general sports activities, Rapid Eyewear are one of the UK's leading sports eyewear companies. They offer a full range of high quality sunglasses at affordable prices to meet the demands of almost every sport conceivable Rapid Eyewear conceives and designs all of the sport sunglasses offered on their easy to use website, and have a very wide range of styles and colours available to suit all requirements. Their sports sunglasses are manufactured to the very highest specification to meet the particular rigours and demands of specific sports, such as sailing and running, but are also perfect for everyday leisure use and general sporting activity. All Rapid Eyewear sunglasses are compliant to EN1836 and US Z80.3 directives for sunglasses. They are lightweight and very robust with impact resistant lenses affording 100% UVA and UVB protection. Many are supplied with interchangeable lenses and all come with retainer and carry case or pouch. The company also provides a full spares back up service for their sports sunglasses. Prescription ready Rx sunglasses are also available Rapid Eyewear are so confident in their sports sunglasses that they offer a full refund if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. So if you are looking for high quality sports sunglasses then look no further than Rapid Eyewear.

Friday, 20 April 2012

2012 Catalogue Available

the new 2012 Rapid Eyewear catalogue has just been released. packed with sunglasses for all sports and leisure use, the 24 page brochure has something for everyone.

View a copy now by joining the Rapid Eyewear Facebook group or contact us through and we'll email it to you.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


The weather is turning, the sun is showing itself and it's time to get your eyewear sorted before your next round. We're here to help, and that is why we have some superb discounts on all of our golf sunglasses between now and the end of April. You can save £££'s on every non-prescription pair of golf sunglasses we sell - and check out our end-of-line AMAZING prices on Eagle Pro and Pro X, both of which are just £25.00! We only have very limited stocks of these left, so don't dally if you want a pair.

Take advantage of our special offer today, and make sure you're ready for any light conditions your local course can muster this summer. Remember, every pair of Scratch Golf sunglasses comes with 3 x sets of lenses that will suit all types of weather and light, plus a carry case, retainer and microfibre cleaning cloth.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Paul Bardoe Joins Rapid Eyewear Team

Popular model pilot and RC sales agent Paul Bardoe has joined the Rapid Eyewear team. Paul - who won the BMFA Nationals F5D Competition in 2011 - has worked on a very casual basis as our sales agent to some shops in the UK hobby market for a couple of years now. With immediate effect, he becomes our sales agent for most of the UK hobby store accounts we hold.

Speaking about Paul's appointment, Rapid Eyewear Managing Director John Clark says; "Paul is without doubt one of the best loved characters on the RC scene - and he's a popular agent to boot. I'm yet to hear anyone involved with a model shop say a bad word about him. Paul's appointment is testimony to his success in looking after his existing model shop accounts, and it confirms our commitment to making the ever-popular range of RC Modelglasses as widely available as possible, over the counter."

Paul is also the UK agent for Graupner, and so if you run an RC retail business and you would like to speak to him, email

Expert, Cruise, Chocks & Flare Back in Stock

We are pleased to announce that a shiny new batch of sunglasses has arrived from the factory. This means that several pairs are finally back in stock, these being: Expert, Expert Cycle, Cruise Black, Cruise Silver, Flare and Chocks. All pairs are available for purchase now at
All existing back orders will be fulfilled in the next few days. If you require further information, please call us on 01622 812133.